Emilia Wig Cosplay Re:Zero In a Different World From Zero #JU1956

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  • Elegant and silky long silver hair that can only belong to Emilia...

    Buy this standalone or complete the full Emilia Cosplay by getting the costume here.

    Product Details:

    Components: Wig, Hairnet, Headwear (Flower Accessory)
    Material: High-Temperature Wire
    Size: One size fits all

    What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

    "I like how it represents Emilia's character, the flowers on the side are so beautiful just like her smile and so white just like her pure personnality ❤ Emilia is my fav character and puck is just so kawaiii" ~ rita_moussallem

    "The hair is beautifully straighten, the braid is wonderfully done and the bangs look great, the wig looks so soft to the touch it :3c" ~ Arista Ren Kwok 

    "I love the way the headband matches the hair ❤️ the colour is amazing I want this" ~ Tamara McNabb