(RARE!) Cardcaptor Sakura 53 Piece Cards Set With Gold Clow Book Set #JU1899

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  • Rare Card Captor Sakura Clow Book includes 53 pieces - the original 52 from the anime + the ultra rare "The Sealed Card" from the 2nd movie! ✨

    100% Brand New and authentic, with original ancient inscribed text inside the book.

    This is a MUST HAVE for any Cardcaptor Sakura fan. Get one for yourself and one for a friend! 💕

    Product Details:

    Size Sakura Book: Hard paper box.
    Size: 21cm x 12cm x 4.5cm
    Sakura Card: Size 16.8cm x 7.5cm
    Package including: 53 Pieces Clow Cards and Clow Book

    What Our Fans on FB/IG are Saying: 

    "These are amazing!!!! The illustrations are beautiful!" ~ __pastelprince__ 

    "Oh my gosh, im digging the color scheme!!! Its so detailed...!!" ~ reposedregnum 

    "The Book of Clow Cards 😍😍😍💗💗💗" ~ Anri Yoshiwara 

    "I used to watch this anime when I was 7 years old. I have such wonderful memories! When my mom picked me up from school we rushed to our home so she could make hot cocoa with cookies for me to watch Sakura❤" ~ Mika Chibi 

    "Grew up with this and I've always loved Sakura, how cute, clumsy and amazingly adorable she is😂 also honestly LOVE all those amaaaaaaziing outfits that Tomoyo makes for her (*whispers: Syaoran always makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy~😊😂) just gotta say tho, the costumes were seriously another big reason why I love this anime.😆😊 But I must say that the most enjoyable part is whenever she calls out the cards name, I stand up and shout it with her😏 mum would always laugh with me..." ~ Eponine Tsai