Attack On Titan Cosplay Harness Belts Costume #JU1885

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  • Do you love Attack On Titan?

    Whether you're a cosplayer or anime lover, these harness belts are a must have for any Shingeki No Kyojin fan.

    Made with comfortable faux leather, they'll work perfectly when matched with tight fitting clothing, and will complete your Attack on Titan cosplay.

    Product Details:

    Components: Calf Belt, Thigh Belt, Back Device, Waistband
    Material: Faux Leather

    What Our Fans On FB/IG Say About This Product:

    "This looks so awesome now I can arrive in full military style!... I don't care where 😂😂" ~ @cat.waldo

    "It looks so REAL and AUTHENTIC. Finna need this for an Eren cosplay :"))" ~ @auroracryss

    "Love its posture and safety supports 💞" ~ Regina Pulumbarit

    "I love how it's so perfect and matches the awesome ANIMEEE" ~ Bryona Pelletier

    "Waaahh~~😍 I just admire how the harness fits perfectly on the body, and when with the cosplay n boots, you can look like a complete badass😆💫💖" ~ Eponine Tsai