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How to Pay 40% Less Than You Are Now For Best-Selling Kawaii/Anime Clothes

Hurry! Only The First 500 People Will Get Access...

I am about to tell you a true story.

If you read closely, in 5 minutes you'll know exactly how to get the latest, best-selling anime / kawaii clothes released today... 40% lower than everyone else!

Let me explain.

When we first built Juku Store, our ONE GOAL was to bring together people who share our love for anime, kawaii clothes, and Japanese culture.

Does that sound like you?

Then you'll know how hard it is to find cute stuff & anime merch that reflects your unique personality...

I mean, how much does it suck that almost every store out there is selling stuff for boring "normal" people?

It super sucks.

So our team worked hard to provide an easy, chill place for you to get everything you need...

Love Sailor Moon? We got it.

BTS fan? The ARMY shops here.

Looking for your next cosplay? Look no further.


Within our first year, our fanbase grew to over 30,000.

Youtube Celebrities with millions of followers wore our clothing and supported our cause.

In many ways we were proud of the super tight community we created...

But there was one big problem.

It's a problem you've probably experienced as well...

And this ONE PROBLEM frustrated us to no end.


The problem was this:

The BEST, highest quality Japanese fashion is SUPER CUTE but WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!

Every day we got messages from lovely fans who wanted to get a huge haul...

Who spent hours browsing our website to gather the PERFECT collection that would completely transform their room and their wardrobes...

But couldn't afford to pay the high cost of imported anime & kawaii merchandise.

As a result, there were a TON of people who either couldn't get their favorite items...

Or spent past their budget... which is NOT what we wanted for our fans.

So our team got together and tried to fix this.


When we first started researching a solution back in early 2017...

We struggled. A lot.

We looked at other retail stores to see what they were doing.

Contests, giveaways, "Flash Sales"... we tried them all.

None of them fixed the issue.

Contests & giveaways only rewarded a few lucky winners...

...and "Flash Sales" made us look like some sort of big corporation, which is not what our family-run business stands for.

It was ruining our vibe.

Finally after a TON of trial and error, we stumbled on a way...


By striking exclusive deals with our manufacturing partners, we managed to get special discounts on a limited number of items.

Yay! More discounts for us means we can pass the savings on to you!

But since supplies were limited, we couldn't just discount it for everybody...

So we quickly launched a beta program for a select few of our best fans...

Who each got a secret discount coupon only THEY could use...

...that reduced the price of every single order!

We called this special new group... The Secret Juku Club.


At first it was just a flat 25% Off.

We also didn't offer extra bonuses for being a member yet (more on that later).

But it was working: our members were saving so much money!

And just as importantly, the quality of our goods remained high.

For example, take a look at what one member wrote recently:

"Top notch quality. I really like you guys' store. To the point that I've ordered everything I want from your store, but I'm keeping my subscription to support you guys." ~ Theodore R.


After countless revisions, deals with manufacturers, and feedback from our fans...

Today the Secret Juku Club is on a completely new level.

We've raised the discount you get from 25% to an incredible 40% Off...

And lowered our membership fee BY HALF so that everyone can afford it.

In fact, the membership fee is so low that most members save more on their very first purchase than the entire annual membership fee...

So it's like the membership pays for itself!

And then we have the juicy membership bonuses...


Want the newest of the new?

As a member you'll get access to our Juku Secret Shop...

hidden store with the latest, rarest items we don't offer to the public.

And of course, your members-only 40% discount applies to every item there as well.


When you join the Secret Juku Club fam, you'll get:

  • Priority Customer Service to get all your questions answered first.
  • Priority Processing of all your orders so that they're guaranteed to be in stock.
  • 180 Day Money Back Guarantee - refund anything you're not 100% satisfied with.
  • Risk-free Annual Membership - cancel any time through the Member's Portal and billing stops immediately.


Want to win free merch all year long?

Enjoy monthly contests & giveaways only Juku Club members can join.

Your chances of winning are much higher than normal contests to the public (think 10x higher).

We also host super fun events every week for you to join, so the possibilities are endless.


Most people who find Juku Store think we're just a cute clothing store... we're not.

We're more like your very own Personal Tailor.

We spend 24 hours a day hunting for the latest fashion trends in anime & kawaii fashion so that you don't have to...

...while you get to pick & choose your favorites at unbeatable prices.

We have new items coming in every day so you'll always get the best, most current fashion in the world.

For a low annual fee that PAYS FOR ITSELF within most people's first purchase, you'll have access to all of this and more...


"But what if it doesn't pay for itself?"

What if you don't want to buy a lot of stuff right now?

Maybe there's only one or two things you want for now...

Maybe you're a first time customer so you don't trust us yet...

So you want to check the quality first before buying anything else.

That's very sensible.

The last thing we want is for you to regret joining Juku Club.

Juku Club is here to SAVE you money, and we're 100% confident you will.

In fact, we're so confident that we'll make a promise to you no one else would dare to...


So here's the deal:

If you join and you don't save more than the entire year's membership fee...

We'll refund you back the extra amount you paid for membership.

And if you didn't use your 40% discount code at all...'ll get a FULL REFUND.

No questions asked.

So either enjoy huge savings on the kawaii/anime fashion you love...

...or get a refund on the membership.

Now you know that joining the Secret Juku Club has no risk at all.


Unfortunately, there's a big downside to Juku Club.

The problem with selling things at such ridiculously low prices is that we often run into supply issues -- too many members means we'll run out of stock.

So to keep the high level of service Juku Store is known for, we're capping the limit at 500 New Members.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, it's not too late.

If you're ready to level up your fashion game and finally get the look you've been wanting for years, now's your chance.

Click the button below to learn more about the Secret Juku Club and get started on your exciting new journey today! 👇

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