How to Pay 40% Less Than You Are Now For Best-Selling Kawaii/Anime Clothes

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This will sound impossible, but bear with me.

Because very soon you just might be able to get the latest, best-selling anime / kawaii clothes released today... the insanely low prices only big companies buying in bulk are getting!

How? It's quite simple, so sit down comfortably and listen to this story that explains everything.

I grew up during the Pokemon / Sailor Moon / Anime explosion of the 90's.

Yes, I'm a filthy millennial. 💁‍♀️

But I'm also a bargain hunter -- I love great deals on high quality stuff.

So when I founded Juku Store, the premier kawaii/anime/KPOP fashion store you're on right now, my goals were:

#1. Find the cutest clothesrarest anime merch out today.
#2. Give the most attractive prices no one else can give.

I wanted to make it a place where people can transform their lives into the artistic, unique expression of who they are and how they dream of looking.

But it wasn't easy.

Costs to maintain a store are insane: high quality fashion isn't cheap and at first, I thought the only way to survive was to mark up my prices like every other retail store.


All this changed when my mom one day called me.

She was at Costco and asked if I wanted anything.

For those of you who don't know, Costco is a big store in the US that sells everyday things at wholesale prices.

"Sure mom, can you get me some toilet paper?" I replied.

But then I thought... "Wait a minute. WHY is Costco able to do this?"

How can they price things 30-40% lower than every other store?

I knew the answer would change the way Juku Store operated forever.


I researched Costco and found that the secret is simple: Costco is a Members-Only store!

That means no one is allowed IN to the store unless they're a member, which costs 60-120$ a year.

It's a brilliant idea that lets both sides win.

My mom wins because shopping at Costco saves her more than the 60$ fee after a couple runs.

And Costco wins because she's a member.

Using the exact same model, we built Juku Store's premium membership program: Juku Club.


Juku Club the first and only exclusive Kawaii / Anime Membership that offers manufacturer-level pricing: members get a 30-40% Flat Discount On Everything + lots of bonuses all bundled in.

And our fee isn't 120$ a year, or even 60$.

It starts at just 29.99 USD... for a WHOLE YEAR of access to the best kawaii clothes & anime merch available today...

...shipped directly to your home (even if you live outside the US)!

We even offer Free Shipping on orders over $40 USD! 🚀


Members will also get access to our Secret Shop where our rarest and most exclusive items reside, only accessible to Juku Club members.

On top of that we do Monthly Giveaways for members only, where you get a chance to win free merch all year long.

And since only members can enter, your chances of winning are much higher than normal contests (think 10x higher).

There's even more bonuses to being a member, but more on that later.


Most people who find Juku Store think we're just a cute clothing store... we're not.

We're more like your very own Personal Tailor.

We spend 24 hours a day hunting for the latest fashion trends in kawaii, anime, & kpop fashion so that you don't have to...

...while you get to pick & choose your favorites at unbeatable prices.

For a low annual fee that PAYS FOR ITSELF within most people's first purchase, you'll have access to all of this and more...


"This sounds too good to be true. Is there a downside?"

Unfortunately, yes. 

The problem with selling things at such ridiculously low prices is that we often run into supply issues -- too many Juku Club Members means we'll run out of stock.

So to keep the awesome level of service Juku Store is known for, we're capping the limit at 200 New Members.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, it's not too late.

If you're ready to LEVEL UP your fashion game and finally get the look you've been wanting for years, now's your chance.

Click on the button below to get the full details on Juku Club + juicy bonuses, and get started on your exciting new journey today! 👇

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