How to Pay 40% Less Than You Are Now For Best-Selling Kawaii/Anime Clothes

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I am about to tell you a true story.

If you read closely, in 5 minutes you'll know exactly how to get the latest, best-selling anime / kawaii clothes released today... 40% lower than everyone else!

Let me explain.

Do you know the worst thing about kawaii fashion today?

It's how incredibly hard it is to find cute stuff in daily life. Stores at the mall are full of boring, "normal people" clothing...

Which is why most days you're not excited about the outfit you're wearing.

Imagine waking up tomorrow, opening your wardrobe and feeling that jolt of energy you only get from putting on clothes you love...

If that's not happening to you every day, it's probably because how you look does not reflect your unique personality.

Maybe you read manga or listen to Kpop.

Maybe you're into Japanese culture or you just frikkin' love kawaii things.

If you're forced to wear boring clothing, it's no wonder you don't feel excited to go out.


Worse still, since high quality Japanese fashion is costly to import overseas, the few places you can get kawaii clothes are all expensive AF.

We once surveyed our 40,000+ fans and found the #1 problem is that although our clothes are super cute...

Many can't afford to get the huge haul that would fully transform their look.

And since many of our fans happen to be creative people (artists, cosplayers, gamers)...

Expressing yourself through art, through what you wear, through your room is an important part of who you are.

It sucks that the "regular masses" can get stuff for low prices while you have to save for ages just to get 1 or 2 outfits that really express YOU.

So what if you could fill your entire room with kawaii stuff you love?

And what if it was all super low priced -- even LOWER than clothes at the mall?


Our team here at Juku Store set out to make this all possible for you.

At first it was difficult, but by striking exclusive deals with our manufacturing partners we managed to get huge discounts on a limited number of items.

Yay! More discounts means we can pass the savings on to you!

But since supplies were limited, we couldn't just discount it for everybody...

So we built an exclusive membership program that gave our best fans a secret discount coupon only THEY could use...

...that gave them a flat 40% Off everything in store!

We called this special new group... The Secret Juku Club.


The beta version of Juku Club was a huge success.

Youtube & Instagram Celebrities with millions of followers like Anzu Jaamu, Eugenia Cooney, and Yumi King wore our clothing and supported our cause.

Our members loved being able to get a huge haul on high quality Japanese & Korean fashion.

For example, take a look at what one member wrote recently:

"Top notch quality. I really like you guys' store. To the point that I've ordered everything I want from your store, but I'm keeping my subscription to support you guys." ~ Theodore R.


Although the beta program went great, we knew we could make it even better...

So that NEVER AGAIN will you worry about where to find the hottest kawaii stuff & anime merch around.

After lots of hard work, today the Secret Juku Club is on a completely new level.

We've added a TON of bonuses for being a member and lowered the annual fee so that anyone can afford it.

In fact, it's so low that most members save more on their first purchase than the entire annual membership fee... it's like the membership pays for itself!

Here's the Full List of Benefits members enjoy:



When you join the Secret Juku Club, you get your own special 40% Discount Code you can use an unlimited number of times on all our products.

We have new items coming in every day, so you'll always have access to the latest fashion trends in the world.

It's like we're your Personal Tailor.

We spend 24 hours a day hand-picking the hottest kawaii/anime merchandise so that you don't have to...

...while you get to pick & choose your favorites at unbeatable prices!



Want the newest of the new?

As a member you'll get access to our Juku Secret Shop...

hidden store with the latest, rarest items we don't offer to the public.

And of course, your members-only 40% discount applies to every item there as well.



When you join the Juku Club, you join an awesome community of people just like you.

With weekly contests, minigames and giveaways, the fun never ends.

Our giveaways are member-exclusive, so your chances of winning free merch all year long are much higher than normal.

You'll also enjoy Priority Services:

  • Priority Customer Service to get all your questions answered first.
  • Priority Processing of all your orders so that they're guaranteed to be in stock.
  • Risk-free Annual Membership - cancel any time through our Member's Portal and billing stops immediately.



Have you ever bought something online, waited excitedly for it to arrive...

...only to open the package and see that it's damaged?

Or maybe it arrives okay but falls apart after a few days.

Most stores will say "too bad" and keep your money.

The nicer ones will send you a replacement but only after you pay the huge shipping costs to send it back.

We think both options are lame.

So that's why our members get a Lifetime Warranty on every purchase made.

This means that if it's damaged or broken at any point for the rest of your life, all you have to do is send us proof in the form of a photo/video and we'll send you a brand new replacement free of charge.



As a member, getting 40% Off puts our prices way below any other kawaii / anime / Kpop store.

But as an extra safety measure, we offer a Price Match Guarantee. This means that if you find the same item being sold in another retail store at a lower price than our membership pricing...

We'll lower our price to match theirs.

So now you won't ever have to worry about where to get the best deal on anime & kawaii fashion -- it's all here in one place!



This is our most incredible offer.

Remember when we said earlier the membership was so low that it pays for itself within most people's first purchase?

Those aren't just fancy words -- we actually guarantee it will pay for itself.

Here is our Pays-For-Itself Guarantee:

If you join and you don't save more than the entire membership fee within the first year...

We'll refund you back the extra amount you paid for membership!

And if you didn't save any money, you'll get a FULL REFUND.

So for those of you who only want 1 or 2 items right now...

Rest assured that no matter what you won't lose by joining the Secret Juku Club now.


So now you know that joining the Secret Juku Club has no risk at all.

The quality of our products are guaranteed via our Lifetime Warranty.

The price of all our items are lowest through our Price Match Guarantee.

Even the cost of membership is guaranteed to pay for itself via our Pays-For-Itself Guarantee.

Top it off with exclusive access to the Juku Secret Shop, membership perks & awesome community...

...and you have the perfect opportunity to seriously level up your fashion game at incredible prices not available anywhere else.

But unfortunately there's a big downside:

The problem with selling things at such ridiculously low prices is that we often run into supply issues -- too many members means we'll run out of stock.

So to keep the high level of service Juku Store is known for, we're capping the limit at 250 New Members.

Hopefully by the time you're reading this, it's not too late.

If you're ready to level up your fashion game and finally get the look you've been wanting for years, now's your chance.

Click on the button below to get the full details on Juku Club + juicy bonuses, and get started on your exciting new journey today! 👇

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