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Juku Club is a wholesale membership program that gives 40% Off exclusive kawaii clothes, anime products + premium benefits.

It's perfect if you love Anime, Cosplay, K-Pop, or Kawaii street fashion.

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    was $297.99 $178.79 USD

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    was $47.99 $28.79 USD

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    Members Get $28.40 Off

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    was $89.99 $53.99 USD

    Members Get $36 Off

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Low Bi-Annual Membership

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Price of membership will go up as more people join due to limited stock. So don't wait — apply now to lock in the current pricing forever.

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Unboxing Videos

Watch Youtube celebrities, Instagram models & fans review our products.

  • Anzu Jaamu
    Makeup Artist

    500,000+ IG Followers

  • Image
    Eugenia Cooney
    Youtube Celebrity

    2.4 Million+ Subscribers

  • Image
    Yumi King
    Youtube Celebrity

    850,000+ Subscribers

  • Image

    189,000+ IG Followers

  • Image

    42,000+ Subscribers

  • Image
    Synthpop Circus

    5,600+ Subscribers

  • Image

    4,900+ Subscribers

  • Image
    Brittany McCowan

    9,000+ Subscribers

  • Image
    Lucy Livin

    4,000+ Subscribers

"I decided to include your headset into my video. I really really love it!" ~ Anzu Jaamu, 544k Instagram Followers

Members Get These 7 Benefits...

#1. Unlimited-Use 40% Off Discount Coupon

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    Harajuku Street Fashion

    Get yourself a huge haul of the latest in Japanese Fashion

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    Anime Merch & Cosplay

    Grab everything you need for your next anime con

  • Image
    Kawaii Accessories & Plushies

    Turn your room into a super adorable & comfy sanctuary

  • Image
    K-Pop & Korean Fashion

    Express your love for BTS & dress like a star yourself

  • Image
    Gaming & Much More!

    Deck out in Overwatch gear & have fun gaming all night

#1. Unlimited-Use 40% Off Discount Coupon

Members receive a secret 40% Discount Code that can be used an unlimited number of times on all our products.

With new items coming in every day, you'll always have access to the latest fashion trends in the world.


#2. Lifetime Warranty On All Purchases

If any purchases become damaged or broken (even after years of use), relax — you're covered.

Just send us proof in the form of a photo/video and we'll send a brand new replacement free of charge.


#3. Guaranteed To Pay For Itself

We're 100% confident that membership will pay for itself, and we'll prove it:

If you don't save more than the entire membership fee within the first 6 months, you'll get a refund for the remaining amount you didn't save.


#4. Access Our Secret Shop

Members get access to the Juku Secret Shop — a hidden store with the latest, rarest items not offered to the public.

And of course, your members-only 40% discount applies to every item there as well.


#5. Priority Processing

Your orders jump to the front of the line and get processed first, so they're guaranteed to be in stock.


#6. Price-Match Guarantee

We'll match the product prices of key online and local competitors.


#7. Members-Only Events

Join an awesome community of people just like you. With weekly contests & giveaways, the fun never ends.


  • How much does membership cost?

    Right now it's at an all-time low of $29 USD paid once every 6 months, so we strongly suggest you sign up now while it lasts.

    When the price rises in the future, you will be able to keep this same rate for as long as your membership is active.

  • I want to look more at your stuff before joining. Where do I find that?

    See all our top selling kawaii / anime products here:

  • How do I get my 40% discount after signing up?

    After you sign up, you will get a special discount code that you can use at checkout on any order (be sure to log in to your account or it won't work). This code will be usable immediately and will be emailed to you privately.

  • How many times can I use the 40% discount?

    An unlimited number of times for an unlimited number of orders.

  • Will items fit me well? Even if I buy shoes?

    If an item doesn't fit or if you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, we have a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Within 30 days of delivery, you can get a free replacement with the right size or full store credit for your order if you aren't happy with your purchase.

  • How can you afford to give away such a big discount?

    There are 2 reasons why we can do this:

    1. We have partnered up with great suppliers who trust our brand and give us premium discounts, so we're able to pass those discounts off to you.
    2. Being avid fans of Japan, Anime, and Kawaii stuff ourselves, we know how hard it is to afford the high retail prices of cute things, so we offer this membership as a means for you to live a kawaii (but affordable) lifestyle.

    We appreciate our fans from the bottom of our hearts so we're happy to bring our prices way down for our lovely Juku Club members. <3

  • What payment methods do you take?

    We take credit / debit card for membership subscriptions.

    We do offer PayPal as well for purchases of Juku Store merchandise, but due to subscription limitations we are unable to offer PayPal for Juku Club.

  • Is my credit/debit card information secure with you?

    Our entire website is served over SSL with TSL 1.2 encryption, and we use PCI compliant methods to store customer card data directly with Stripe, so nothing sensitive is saved on our servers. Stripe is PCI Level 1 certified and one of the most widely used payment gateways in the world. We take your security very seriously to provide you the safest shopping experience available online.

  • Can I cancel membership anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel anytime and billing stops immediately. Simply log in to our members portal, click "Manage Memberships", and click cancel.

  • Can I share my discount with friends?

    Unfortunately no, they will have to join Juku Club themselves. We track orders for suspicious activity, so please don't share your code with your friends. This membership program is exclusive to paying members and we want to keep that integrity.

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