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Amazing hat

Really fluffy and soft. Arrived quickly as well

Super cute!

It comes in great quality, and it's easy to add your keys etc onto the keychain. I've had it for about a week now and there hasn't been any signs of damage. It is a bit pricy though.

Only gets sexier

While the model is cute, the VKS on my girlfriend is the cats meow! Fits great, able to handle movement without too much exposure, and shows just enough of her bum! Love it!

Japanese Threatening Fish With Weapon T-Shirt #JU1898


The wigs for Rem and Ram arrived very quickly. They were show accurate, easy to style and comfortable to wear. They really completed our cosplays nicely.

Pleasantly surprised

A while back I ordered the Japanese Sea Dragon Haori Kimono for my daughter. I was admittedly disappointed with the quality to cost of this item and was hesitant to order from Juku again. I decided to give the store one more shot and was pleasantly surprised this time. the quality of this item is far more in line with what i would expect for this price point and my daughter is very happy. keep up the good work Juku team.

Great product

I bought this a while ago and I have to say that it's a great product. They look super good, both with lights on and off. They are absolutely the cutest.
Aside from aesthetic, the material is good and they are good headphones, the sound quality is great! I had some problems only with shipling but that was on my country's post office fault. The staff was very nice and kind and helped me through solving the problem! 10/10 would buy again

Great product at a very reasonable price

Long wearing, glossy finish, easy to apply and gorgeous color! Highly recommended.

Well Made, Silky Touch, and Perfect Fit

The texture of the kimono is very nice and silky to the touch. The color is a bit darker and not as white as I'd imagine, but screen resolutions on computers will always be slightly off with colors. One thing I have to point out is that it would have been a bit better if it was longer. It ends at the end of my back, but it is great quality for what you get it for. I was very hesitant about ordering from this website because online shopping is a gamble. You'll either get the product you like or don't and get horrible ripoffs. However, I have to comment that they do deliver great quality. It took about 2-3 weeks for my orders to arrive, and they arrived on the same date. I'll order again from here!

So cute! I love it

I’ve been looking everywhere for similar shirts and couldn’t find any I really liked until I found Jukustore! Im so happy!

Heart Cut Out Crop Top

So I got my crop top in the mail the other day, and wore it out for the first time. I'm quite busty, and the shirt material doesn't stretch much, so the heart cut out doesn't look like a heart when I wear it. I did expect the shirt to stretch more. The shirt is also much shorter than I expected, and shows a bit more skin than I wanted, and because of my bustiness, the shirt doesn't hug my body like the original picture shows it would. It's a cute top, but consider your bust size when buying it. If you have a flat chest, it may be a better fit. All in all, it's a 4/5 from me.

Sweater a bit tight

The sweater quality is good, but being a curvy body individual I recommend ordering a size larger then what someone would normally wear. Otherwise the sweater is cute and works ^_^

Beautiful and Well Made

I actually got the Kimono in both colors. I absolutely love the material. The stitching is nice. Overall, I love both of them. They are exactly what I need in a spring/summer day when it's cool and I'm relaxing. Lovely!

So soft and cute, I love it

I'm always skeptical of buying clothes online, especially clothes which are single size, I bought this since it said it was a loose fit for women up to 5'7 and I love cats and I'm a huge anime fan.
The colour is beautiful and the fabric is soft and warm, the ears and tail are as cute as I expected.

I'm 5'7 and a little overweight (185lbs) with a 41 inch bust and 16 inch shoulders, I was worried the bust would be too small but instead it's snug and comfortable.

5/5 kawaii nekos out of 5

Loving this!

I’m very happy with my impulse buy, it looks great and fits good (was a little worried seeing as it’s a one size fits all but was very pleased it was big enough for my tall frame). Couldn’t be happier with my perchase!

Love it!

Once again so happy. Received on time, size is perfect thanks to staff who helped me figure out size. Quality is good, soft. Very happy with this purchase. Highly recommended your store to some of my friends.

Great Kimono!

Its a really nice kimono, i just wish it came in some larger sizes.

Thank you

Fabric is great and looks exactly like the one on picture. Has ordered XL though i am a "M" size for H&M clothing. Armhole fits nicely so it you have fleshy arm, it may be tight for some others. Overall was great!

Lovely wig!

I was able to get the dark blue short wig, and I’m super happy with the product that arrived. The texture is exactly as I imagined it to be (silky, shiny). Colour is a little different from the image, but it is still very pretty and vibrant regardless. It also holds fairly well, definitely worth getting!

Love my Attack on Titans figure!

The original I received was missing a piece. I informed JUKU and sent the requested pictures. Without any issues I was sent a replacement figure that is just perfect. Thank you so much!

Simply perfect

I bought two uniforms. One from Juku store and one from another store. In comparison, the uniform purchased at Juku store is at almost every point the winner. The fabric used, the fit, etc.

If I were to point things out, it would only be two... I'm not quite certain about the usefulness of the zipper below the right armpit. It doesn't seem I can put on or take off the top easier when the zipper is open. It's just tough to close the zipper once I'm wearing it. Another thing is that there's no ribbon attached to the skirt to allow it to be hung on a coat hanger.

Very good shop and product (Size L-XL, 2Color, Black))

First, the store has been reporting at all times about the product and its journey, making sure everything goes well. The second thing is that the product has arrived well wrapped. And third, the product is of good quality for what it is (a blouse). I loved it and I hope that when it is washed or something does not break down. But at the moment fine. Thank you very much Juku Store ❤❤❤

Kimono Dress

whoop whoop. I really love the kimono dress its a two pieces dress. it takes a little time to figure out how you need to put it on. but overall I love it. so thank you so much.


No flaws on the stitch, seams or fabric. Texture is similar to silk and fits quite well for someone with wide shoulders! It doesn’t slip off that easily when moved around with it. Definitely going to get the black version next time!