Kawaii Neko Atsume Plushie 8cm [8 Piece Set] #JU1954

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  • Each purchase contains all 8 of these incredibly cute Neko Atsume Plushies!

    A perfect gift for you and all your friends 💕

    Product Details:

    Material: Cotton
    Dimensions: 8cm / 3"

    What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

    "I would love to have these! They’re so cute and since it’s a set, I can give some to my brothers!" ~  eveyxb

    "i love cats and plushies so with the two of them combined, they're the best things ever" ~ lassy_lulu

    "I’ve been playing neko atsume for so long and I just need this in my life OwO" ~ lostinthespooky33