(NEW!) Sailor Moon Makeup Brush Set [2 Colors] #JU1983

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  • What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:
    "I love the intricacy of each separate piece, as well as the fact they that were inspired by sailor moon" ~ taz_2003
    "Instead of doing my makeup, I'm just going to be dancing around the bathroom singing the theme song. 🎤 Fighting evil by moonlight~ *brush stroke* 😂" ~ Reannah Holt 
    "i love these so much i like how they resemble the wand straight out of the anime but still can use them as makeup brushes so you can use then 2 different ways.and it gives the brushes a cute touch" ~ Sakura Takahashi

    Product Details:

    Package Includes: 8pc set, Pink & Gold Cloth Bag
    Handle Material: Metal
    Brush Material: Wool Fiber
    Size: 17.6*2.7cm