(RARE!) Card Captor Sakura 56 Pink Cards With Pink Clow Magic Book Set #JU1980

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    "One of the first manga I had come across was this series. Funnily enough, I'm now a pro tarot reader. My witchy weeb heart would SING if I could get my hands on these!!!" ~ Bianca Craig 
    "Cardcaptors has always been one of my favorite magical girls (SailorMoon being the other) Loved growing up with such a cute and strong female lead.💖" ~ Amanda Hansen 
    "Spectacular ! I haven't expected this Set of Clow Cards OMG !!! Card Captor Sakura was a very memorable Anime for me 💕 It Completes my Chilhood Memories ...I've rewatched it last month and feeling great that you have this product . Everyone will totally Love this One ✨" ~ whyntz_lemon

    Product Details:

    Sakura Book Material:Hard paper box. 
    Size:21cm x 12cm x 4.5cm 
    Sakura Card Size: 16.8cm x 7.5cm 
    Package Includes:56 Pieces Clow Cards and Clow Book