(RARE!) Emilia Cosplay Re:Zero In a Different World From Zero Costume Set #JU1947

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  • Get the Emilia Wig Here.

    Imagine how amazing it would feel to cosplay as Emilia. 💕

    Made with a very smooth fabric, going to your next convention dressed in this will not only be exhilarating but comfortable.

    You can prove to everyone once and for all that Emilia IS best girl. ✨

    Product Details:

    Components: Dress, Stockings
    Material: Knitted Fabric, Polyester


    XS: Height 153-157cm, Bust 81-84cm, Waist 59-64cm, Hip 86-89cm
    S: Height 158-162cm, Bust 86-89cm, Waist 66-69cm, Hip 91-94cm
    M: Height 163-167cm, Bust 91-94cm, Waist 71-74cm, Hip 97-99cm
    L: Height 168-172cm, Bust 97-103cm, Waist 80-84cm, Hip 104-109cm
    XL: Height 173-177cm, Bust 107-112cm, Waist 88-93cm, Hip 112-118cm
    XXL: Height 178-182cm, Bust 113-116cm, Waist 84-98cm, Hip 119-123cm
    XXXL: Height 183-187cm, Bust 117-119cm, Waist 99-112cm, Hip 124-132cm

    What Our Fans on IG/FB are Saying:

    "girlllllll, the colour scheme is so niceeeee, and the minimalism is amazing, i love this anime and have always wanted to try cosplaying and, hyperjapan and comicon ldn is coming soon😭😭"  ~ alana_gm

    "It looks gorgeous the amount of small details and care with the design that was put toward this costume is marvelous. This one is a definite rare cosplay item :>" ~ Arista Ren Kwok 

    "Love the anime so much! The details on the costume are on par I love it! I’d be great to wear this at future conventions!" ~ Karina Slovitsky 

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