Black Emoji Anime Face Mask Yami Kawaii #JU1976

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    "Ive been to Korea and these are a must have for health reasons! Looking cute while wearing a mask for health reasons! I must have!! 😁" ~ Minusha V Kim

    "I really love the emoji design and it seems that the texture of the mask is very comfortable to wear.... Cuteness Overload 💕" ~ whyntz_lemon

    "That one with the vampire cat is just adorable... it would go so well with my black dress and cat ears. Ultimate cuteness. People might call me something like a weeb, but it would be worth it. Where it with pride and be the cat I always wanted to be. The cutest most wierd cat ever, but with a kickass face mask." ~ ylvazii

    Product Details:

    Material: Cotton
    Quantity: 1Pc
    Type: Mouth Mask